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ENFP having an Identity Crisis | Grace Kelly – Mika

ENFPs see possibilities everywhere, even within their own personalities. Like Mika, every ENFP knows the feeling of envisioning various versions of their best self and going a wee bit “Identity mad.”

ENFP asserting their independence | Billy Joel – My Life

ENFPs are fiercely individualistic. This type knows what they want out of their own lives and they aren’t interested in arguing with anyone who disagrees.

ENFP resisting growing up | Anna Sun – Walk the Moon

Let’s see – three minutes spent dancing around a dilapidated building asserting that a good heart makes up for a lack of shelter/money, and then a paint war amongst a group of adults who are having vivid flashbacks of their childhood – sounds like a classic case of the ENFP Peter Pan syndrome to me.

ENFP encouraging a friend | Nico Vega

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